Muthoot MicroFin IPO Review | Share Market New IPO

In December, the stock market is buzzing with activity as companies are eager to tap into the optimistic and positive investor sentiment by launching initial public offerings (IPOs). One such IPO that has caught the attention of investors is Muthut Microfin. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Muthut Microfin’s IPO, analyze […]

Warren Buffett Indicator & How to Find the Intrinsic Value of a Stock | Discounted Cash Flow Method

The Warren Buffett Indicator, a renowned metric in the world of finance, serves as a valuable tool for investors seeking to gauge the market’s valuation. Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, advocates for buying stocks when they are priced below their intrinsic value. The indicator itself is calculated by dividing the total market capitalization by the […]

Insurance Mis-Selling Exposed | Get Extra Profits on Life Insurance Policy | Best Term Insurance

At 16, the allure of financial independence beckoned, prompting a visit to the IDBI Bank in Parsi to open a savings account. However, a surprising hurdle surfaced—a hefty 25,000 rupees were demanded to initiate the account. A fortuitous discovery awaited at Lakshmi Vilas Bank, advertised as requiring zero deposits. Seizing this opportunity, I redirected my […]