Regular Income Strategy | Nifty Option Trading in Stock Market | @ShariqueSamsudheen

Today’s blog is on the extraordinary event in which Sharique Samsudheen’s gave an inspiring speech in Delhi. As an NIT Jamshedpur graduate, entrepreneur, and celebrated YouTuber with a Marriott channel boasting over a million subscribers, his achievements are truly remarkable. It was a historic moment when Sharique, in his first-ever public forum speech in Hindi, […]

Bearish Candlestick Patterns for Trading in Stock Market | Candlesticks Trading Free Course

Today we will discuss bearish candlestick patterns that can help traders anticipate potential downside moves in the market. Mastering these patterns is crucial for those seeking to capitalize on downtrends and make profits through selling. Today, we will focus on two prominent bearish patterns, namely the Shooting Star and Evening Star formations. Understanding their significance […]

Formula for Success in Trading in Stock Market | #AndekhaSach in Share Market by Jimeet Modi

In today’s captivating blog, we’ll look into the mysteries of our trading destinies as discussed with Mr. Jameet Modi, the CEO and founder of Samco Securities, a mathematician and statistician who believes that trading and investing are fundamentally a mathematical game of probability. As the audience eagerly anticipates the revelation of their fate, Mr. Modi […]