Chart Patterns for Trading | Learn Stock Market

we will learn mainly chart patterns which are used in the market a lot Which will give you a good direction and a good long profit We will learn those chart patterns more First pattern will be pole and flag pattern Second we will learn triangle patterns These two are used in the market a […]

Options Trading Basics Explained | Share Market for Beginners

what is this option trading? Even today many people do not know the basic concept. So you must have heard that someone bought Airlines, bought Tata, bought ITC, bought Bajaj, bought TVS Motor, bought MRF, bought Pedal Lite, bought a lot of stocks. So stocks always increase. You tell me that stocks always increase because […]

No Ban on ₹2000 Notes | Why RBI Withdraw Currency Circulation?

On 19th May, RBI gives a circular which I am going to show you now. After this circular, everyone starts talking. Whether you pick a news channel, or on social media, pick YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, everywhere the talk starts that 2000 note is being banned. People start talking about demonetization. I actually read […]