Which Stocks to Buy as a Beginner? | #ShareMarket Success

Once Bill Gates asked Warren Buffett that I think in the coming time, computers will change the whole world. The coming era is of technology companies. So why don’t you invest in the technology sector. Warren Buffett, until a few years ago, did not invest in the technology sector. So you must know that once […]

Option Selling Vs Option Buying | Anant Ladha

first of all, you have to remove a mental block of your mind What is mental block? When we buy, our cost is only premium We can get anything If we buy Reliance, the call is Rs.2500The example will be the same as in the last blog If you buy Rs.2400, the price of Reliance […]

India VIX Nifty Prediction in Share Market

Well, if you trade in the share market, then you must have heard about India VIX from many places that if you know about India VIX, then you can find out how much Nifty can increase and how much it can fall. Well, today it is possible that you do not have much information about […]