Today, I will teach you something that you won’t need any setups for. All you have to do is get a pen and paper copy ready, which I will say. Yes? Fine. Okay. So, whenever I come on stage, I always want you to answer something. Okay? I don’t know if I will be able to hear your answer or not. But, it should come out of your heart, your face, which I will ask.

Correct? How many of you are option sellers? How many of you are option buyers? And how many of you are traders? Did you understand my last line? It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer, a seller, or whatever. In the end, we are traders.

Yes, or no? Money should come home. Correct? So, who are we? Traders. I remember an incident. When I was a kid, I was asked if I like my dad, mom, or sister. I was stuck. I had to give names to those who were not there. Yes? We are family. Hindus are not Muslims. We are Indians. Option buyers, sellers, and investors are not we. We are traders.

Yes, or no? What I am going to tell you today is that you buy, sell, invest, do whatever you want, money will come. Okay? So, let’s start. I will come to my laptop because I can’t tell you anything without a laptop. Okay? Okay. What is the market point? Friday, yes? What are my positions? I can’t hear you. Option selling? In the money? I’ll be back. What position is this? This is not option selling. It’s the future. That’s why I say, how many people have seen 1CR plus profit option buying? January 25.

How many people saw it? That day I bought. I need money. I buy, sell, do future. Money should come home. Yes, or no? How much profit do you see? 74, 75? I want to tell you a reality first. This is hope. This is not reality. This is hope. I can sell 100 quotes by showing this. Which is running on YouTube. I can run 100 premium groups. This is hope. I am selling hope. Yes, or no? Which is running everywhere. Hope is being shown. Yes? If this was the case, then 50-60 crores would have been made yesterday.

Yes, or no? Obvious question. Let’s go. Now I am going to show you the reality in 30 seconds. What happens is, this is hope. Now I will show you how this combination comes. Now I will tell you, let’s start. Now the story telling will start. This is my childhood home. I belong from here. Done? After this I will show you 2-4 cars.

I am telling you the reality. Why I am telling you? When I came here, when I started YouTube, I had no intention to reach millions. No one will see my views. If you search, people who want to earn money, they come to media never reach them. I will never get you in ads. You understand things. Why am I telling you this? Because you are innocent. When I was with you 7-8 years ago, I used to think who earns money in the market.

Everyone is putting screenshots; everyone is doing live trading. Who is earning? Someone come and tell me by doing live trading. Someone come and show me how much money I have earned in a year.

Yes, or no? Then we will believe. This is your hope. We are selling hope. This is my background. What do I have to do? Many people say that we are struggling a lot.5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, we are not getting. I believe it is a phase, it is not a struggle. If you want to become a trader, you have to do it. If I say that I have come from a village, I have reached here, I have struggled. What about those people? They need a person to go from one room to another.

Yes, or no? So what is your struggle? Or what is my struggle? Are you understanding? This is hope. Yes, or no? You showed a profit of 70-80 crores. People joined, ran a premium course, opened an account, opened premium group, made a trade. How much money did you make in the end? It should be answerable, right? If I am showing you a profit of one day, then shouldn’t I be done showing you a year? Can you move to that? Let’s go. Now just keep counting.

Let it open. Get me some internet connection. There is no internet. Get me internet connection. Okay? Now, now, now what are the things? Two things. The position of 74 lakhs can open a gap of 1000 points tomorrow morning. Yes, or no? I have 800 points. How much will it go? 200.What about if the gap opens to 1000 points? It can happen, right? What did I tell you? The VIX is in 12. Start buying options. Yes, or no? In 12-13, the option of 30 rupees is going to 300.This is the time. When will you buy an option? I will tell you.

When the VIX is in 25-30-40. At that time, you will be finished in volatility. You are seeing me in the future after 2-3 years, trading in the future. Yes, or no? There is no premium. A better premium is in the future. There is no premium in the money. And the day you see something good, buy it too. So, today’s setup is buy, sell, invest. Do whatever you want. You will get money. This is my promise. Buy. I have told you three setups in my four years of YouTube career. Why? Focus on analysis, focus on money management, setup, jackpot, these all never work. What I will give you today, you can go and make a good version of it tomorrow, but let’s follow things. Okay?

But, like I said, you don’t follow one thing. Is the internet connected, Rahul? Ah! Fine. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I won’t leave you without studying. You are learning from a trainer, not a trainer. Correct. So, I won’t leave you without studying. I won’t leave you without showing you what you have come for. Look, belief system is generated when you see something that if he has done it, I can do it too. And what I have shown you earlier, 74 lakhs, it’s a hope. Still I am saying, people will show this and sell their course. But this is not profit.

To run a house, you should get profit. Your question should be; how much did you earn in a year? If it’s for a day, I will also double the money. Yes, or no? Your quantity is more, otherwise I have 25-100 quantity, so I am doubling every day, but I am not getting money at home. I am not able to save. That is the main question. Yes, or no? Okay, great. Everything is open up there. How much time will it take? If I go here, I went here, I showed you here, let’s see the 2023.Let’s go to heretic am in 2020-23, it’s open.

Okay.Let me refresh. Okay. Okay, look here. What is this? This is reality. Yes, or no? I am showing you 17 crores in 2 years. Okay. How many losses? You are better than me. Look at the losses. I make so many losses. More than 50% of my losses. Still I made more than enough money. Yes, or no? What question is coming in your mind? You ask the right question, I will answer. The question is wrong. No, no, the question is wrong.

One more time, the question is wrong. One second. One second, hold. One second, hold. You made 17 crores, do you know you are using 100 crores? What do you know? We don’t know your capital. You are using 20 crores and telling me 50% return. Why is the number so high? What is important? How much capital was used? Yes, or no? What is the percentage of return? I will tell you. Leave this. Leave this a little. I am telling you how hope sale is being done in YouTube. So that you will get an idea. Let me open the notepad.

You were shown this profit. Let’s say 70-80 has been made. Then you will be told to join the group. Or join my course. Or some other promotion will continue. Then you will be taught there. I will tell you. If you learn what I am going to tell you in 2 minutes. Then you can become a YouTuber yourself. I am telling you one more point. People who have been in the market for 2 years. They know technical better than me.

Yes, or no? You know everything. What are things? How many people know the trading pattern? I am telling you 5-10 trading patterns in 5 minutes. Do you want to listen? I am telling you in 5 minutes. The market started from heredity went down. It became resistance. When it went, it became double top. The market went down. It became double bottom. It went up. It broke out. If the breakout is failing. Immediately the breakout will fail. If it goes up. It went sideways. Your pole and flag pattern is formed. If it goes up a little. It will go down. Here it will be told to you. It became head and shoulder.

It took 10 minutes. You will tell it well. Explain it in 5 minutes. I have earned a profit of 74 lakhs. I will tell you. Join the group. I will tell you. What did you learn in the end? Hope. That is hope. People are selling to you hope. Yes. Did you see the reality? A person has made 17-18 crores in 3 years. Ok. Means in 2 years. I have seen this much. It is more than that. If I show you the whole. Osos let’s go. This is done. Let’s go to capital.Ok.

This is your 2022.It is 6.67. In another account. It is going on. Somewhere around 1.37. Something is going on there. And there is a profit of 75 lakhs. More than 9th year. I have done this year. We will see. If the jackpot is 10. It is not. We will see. But it will come above 8. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. It is not. And all of you have seen it. But it is above 8.I am very happy. The reason. Let me show you. Why I am happy? Owe will go to the most important question here.

What are you? Buyer, seller or trader? Osos we will see capital now. The main important question is how much money is there in capital? O.K. don’t know what is happening to Altitude. How long did it take me to show my PNL? 30 seconds.1% of the community is earning money and they won’t be able to make a 30 second video. Yes, or no? It took 30 seconds to show that you can make money.

Editing will come but we won’t show it because the reality is that 99% of the people are making losses. It’s a fact. The people who motivate you are making money on YouTube. Yes, or no? It’s a hard reality. That’s why I am saying, listen to me practically. No one needs to be a fan of mine. Do I have to fight elections? Nonie don’t have to fight. I started YouTube for this. No, I started it so that I can teach people what I see. And I’ll tell you what you guys do. You hype people so much that they are afraid to show their losses. Why am I showing you losses? Because you should know that this is the reality of a trader.

In the end, you have to become a trader. You will go from here, you will be motivated and you will go for 3 days. After 4 days, your money will be spent. Yes, or no? So for this, you have to feel the reality of what is going on in the market. Let’s go to the capital. Why am I showing you the capital? I am telling you the story of this too. I know a lot of people in and out. I told you, I went to know people who really trade. Or leave it to tell, to tell, it is also in the blog. At least trade. How many people joined YouTube live last time? How many people were there? The people who are raising their hands, they are fortunate. And the people who are not raising their hands, they don’t know me yet. Yes, or no?

How many people, last time, last year, I had a profit of 20-25lakhs in YouTube. Every live trade was in profit. Yes, or no? And if I had taken classes since 2018, every class had live trade. Because the real feeling comes in trading, not in analysis. I will tell you at night, I can see the sale, tomorrow morning will see something, I will sell. I will buy and sell. Why does this happen? Because there has to be a change in price. Now you can see the capital here. Okay, what is that? Now you can see that this 4 crore capital started.

Where did it reach? Till 10. Yes, or no? And in between, I have withdrawn money. These white dots you can see; it is a withdrawal. If you see pain, then you will see blue dots like this. Did I add money? Where did I add? The money has been withdrawn. I have withdrawn money from the market. That means if I have made 4 to 10, it is a small profit.

Is it a small profit? And people say that option seller earns money every day, butte percentage of return is less. Yes, or no? I say, don’t call me a seller, I am a trader. How will I trade? I get 250% return of profit crores. Yes, or no? It is more than 250% return and the other account is still remaining. So that means, what is this? This is reality. Yes, or no? I will show you a profit of 17 crores, but if I don’t tell youth capital, you will be in the grey area.

How do I tell you? I am telling you, on today’s date, it is very easy to sell hope in India. Okay, I will tell you. Let’s say I took a loan from the bank. Imagine, I took a loan from the bank. I took a loan of 10 lakhs. I started live trading. I showed you a profit of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000. Yes. Because of that, some people joined. Some took my services. Yes. I had losses. Here, I had more chances to get Rocket nose.

Do you know? I put in 5 lakhs more. What happened?15 lakhs. In 15 lakhs, I made 5, 10, 20, 40, 50 thousand. Slowly, I reached in crores or before that. There were losses, put in money. One trade loss, double the quantity. I must have made a profit, I put in 5 lakhs more. One trade loss, double the quantity. Where is the money coming from? From where it’s coming? Is it coming from you guys? Yes, or no? So that means, what is important? How much percent return is made in 22 years? How much capital is used?

Yes, or no? If you had unlimited money source, would you have become a trader? Fact. If you had unlimited money source, would you have become a trader? Today, there were losses, double it, triple it. Done? You will get profit at least one day.

Yes, or no? That means, what should you see? How much capital is used to make how much money? Yes, or no? Now, you understood the reality? How many people understood? Now, the setup is still left, my friend. I am saying, if I come on stage, you won’t be able to sleep at night.