Whether or not you have Gandhi in your pocket, I have realisedthat you all have a storm in your heart.You have become a part of the family.See, what happens is that parents give us their names.It was their job to give us our names.But earning a name is our job.And once you earn a name, you won’t need any identity.I am very sure that you all have come here for this.How many of you think that in the next 5 years, your annual incomewill be above Rs 50 lakhs?Above 1 crore?2 crore?5 crore?Raise your hand if you genuinely think that your income willbe above 5 crores.Give me a big shout out.10 crore?Amazing.

I can give you a guarantee.All the people here,their income will be at least 5% above 10 crores.I don’t know what 5% is.See, what happens is that as soon as it was Rs 50 lakhs, manypeople raised their hands.As soon as it was 10 crores, some people stopped raising theirhands.Where you have to reach depends on how much hard work you willdo.For example, and how fast you will get tired, suppose I have to go from here to Gurgaon.How much time will it take?Half an hour?I will get tired after 20 minutes. I am not able to reach.What if I have to go to Noida from here?I will reach Noida in an hour.But I will get tired after 45 minutes.What if I have to go to Jaipur from here?I will get tired after 4-5 hours.When will I reach?Suppose I have to take a flight from here to London.8 hours.I won’t be able to reach for 7 hours.

But I will get tired after 7 hours.So if your goal is big, you won’t get tired till you reach agood level.And you will reach.So keep big dreams.They say, courage is precious.Keep courage.And I can see how many people are under 25 years.Oh my God!If you are under 25, I will share an interesting thing with you.Because you are under 25,your voice will become very calm.I will say something like this, you will enjoy it.It will connect with you from heart to heart.Right now, we are after someone.We are in love.Our hearts break.This is the heart’s cry.Understanding.What I want to explain to you is a very important point.Right now, coming in a relationship is normal.But because of that,ruining your career orin the race to earn money,or those who say that it is not important to earn money.I say, it is not important, but after coming in a relationship.So relationship is important.And I am talking from my experience.She was my fill in the bank.I was her MCQ.

And anyway,Zakir Bhai always says,if you want this T-shirt today,the world is so beautiful that you will not get this T-shirttoday.But,you will also realize thatthis T-shirt had no valuebecause a suit was waiting for you.So that is why,relationship is important.Today, our topic was not there,otherwise I would have enjoyed it more.But today, our topic is in strategy.I usually talk about swing trading,investing, and option selling.Today,I am going to do something different.Something that I have not done on my channel.Something that you will not find on YouTube today.No one has talked about it yet.

About the strategy

You can apply that strategy in any time frame.You can apply it on any stock, index, or chart.We will add option selling to it.And you will see how it happens.Does everyone have a copy pen?You can also time pass it.You can also give value.What do you want to do?I will give you a strategy that has not been discussed yet.I will set the basic framework of strategy for you.Till the time our charts are coming.I will not tell you my stock on charts.I will check the stock, index, or where you say it.Is this not a 90% success ratio?It is not a 90% success ratio.But,can you get a 1 is to 3, 1 is to 4, 1 is to 5?Yes, you can.Here, Subashish is sitting.Subashish has a strategy.5 EMA.See,Subashish’s 5 EMA strategyis a trend reversal strategy.You saw 5 EMA.It is a trend reversal strategy.

You can catch a trend reversalwith that strategy.Today, we will talk about how you will catch a trend.You already have a trend reversal.Now, when the trend is moving,whether it is an uptrend or a downtrend,whether the stock is going up or down,how you can catch it,we will discuss that today.Let’s talk about 10 EMA.

What is the difference between EMA and SMA?What does SMA mean?Simple Moving Average.My weight is 70, your weight is 80.You are heavy.You have more weight.You are a lot.My weight is 70, your weight is 80.We divided both by adding. My average is 75.This is Simple Moving Average.What is Exponential Moving Average?EMA.Recent observationI will give more importance.That is EMA.Right?Recent observation,I am giving more importance to the recent data.So, it is EMA.If you put it on the filter of 10,10 EMA, 10 SMA, it is almost equal.You will not see much difference in the line.But, for clarity,let’s assume that we have used EMAso that we are on the same page.So, 10 EMA is the name of the strategy.Let’s clear more basics.If the line is 10 EMA,my stock is above 10 EMA,then what does it mean?What is happening in the stock?It is going up.Index is going up.It is in uptrend.Right?Did everyone understand?The line of 10 EMA is in front of me.The stock is trading above 10 EMA.So, it is an uptrend stock.

It is normally going up.Along with this,let’s suppose thatyou get a red candle above 10 EMA.What happens in the price action?It is trying to reverse.there is a possibility of a reversalBecause there is a possibility of a reversal, we may have a doubtBut the candle on which there is a possibility of a reversalThe stock is moving above 10 EMAIf we see a stock above 10 EMA and we see a red candle, thenThis candle is above the 10 EMA line, the red candleWhen the high is cutThen don’t we get confirmation that the stock is continuing inthe uptrend?Let’s set the basicsAny time frame, any stock, any indexYou choose thatNow you choose, I will show you live hereWhatever you say, we will use it as you sayWhat is going to happen in the most important strategy?Your stop lossThe market will eat stop lossIn life and in the stock market, you will never get a lot ofmoneyUntil you don’t get a failureWithout doing the test, the market will not give you money.

Those who entered the market in 2017, 2018, 2019They got tested in 2020Got returnsAfter that, those who stayed, obviously you have to stayThose who entered in 2021, 2022They have not yet had a very big testThat’s why they didn’t get a lot of moneyIt’s a simple fundaGod will see first whether you deserve it or notThat you should be given a lot of moneyWhen you pass the test successfullyThen you will know whether your market is ready for a lot ofmoneyToday we are discussing the 10 EMA strategyButSometimes we start looking for a lot of strategiesThat I need a new strategy 

What is the main instrument, main weapon of Lord Shiva?Krishna ji’s? Maa Durga’s?Does Lord Krishna know how to use a trident?Does Lord Shiva know how to use a bow?He knows very wellBut he has a main instrumentWe present our strategies in front of youWe give some good frameworksBut which instrument is going to work for you?Will it be a bow or a trident? You have to decideOr will it be a brahmastra?You have to decideSo you have to work on your strategyYou have to take stop lossesUntil you don’t take stop lossesIf you have a strategy where you don’t take stop lossesThen the strategy is badLong term sustainable strategy is not there

So stop loss is just like your insuranceSuppose I haveI have bought a factory where there are fire related itemsWhich can catch fireI have got it’s fire insurance doneWill I go and set it on fire the next day?This will be my stupidityIf I set it on fire the next dayBut I will definitely take its insurance every yearSo the day you start treating your stop loss like your insuranceYou won’t have any problem in taking stop lossSo stop losses are your insuranceKeep taking themWill stop losses be hit in this strategy?Of course it willBut you will learn from itYou will be very profitable overallBecause your risk to reward ratio1 is to 4 ,1 is to 3 minimum1 is to 5And 1 is to 10You will get the risk reward ratiosIt is a 10 EMA strategyI

will flame the basics for you againUntil we are ready thereIf our stock is above 10 EMAIt means it is in uptrendIf we get a red candle thereIt means there is a trend reversalThe candle we are looking forShould not touch the 10 EMA lineIt should be above the lineWhen it crosses the red candleAnd a green candle will come outThen it will be our entryThe red candle is our trigger candleWhen it crosses the next candleIt will be our entry candleStop loss will be our 10 EMA lineAnd the target will be 1 is to 3 ,1 is to 4 ,1 is to 5Now let’s understand its reversalIf the stock is below 10 EMAWhat does it mean?The stock is in downtrendIf I get a green candle in downtrendIt means there is a reversalThis green candle is my trigger candleBut when the low of this green candle is undercut again

When the stock or index goes below the green candleIt is my short’s entry triggerIt is stop lossAgain the 10 EMA line will be aboveAnd the target 1 is to 3 ,1 is to 4,1 is to 5.It depends on how much the market loves youThat it is a two sided loveOne sided loveIt will depend on your targetsWhat we have to use in thisWe will use vertical credit strategyIf we have to work in optionsBecause the premium of options is comparatively lowBecause how much WIX is running?12, 13, 14Because WIX is running so lowIf we sell naked optionsThe risk reward ratio will not sitSo we have to cover naked .

Suppose I have to take bullish tradeWhat do I have to do?I have to sell firstShould I sell call or put in bullish trade?PutI sold putSuppose I have to take bullish tradeI sold put and I have to hedge and cover itSuppose I think the market will go up from hereWe are around 1700-300-400 I sold put of 170000 How will I cover it?I will buy put again1600-8001600-7001600-600I will buy put from 300-400 pointThis is my hedgingUnderstood?So in bullish trade, I have to work with vertical credit andput sellingIn bearish trade, I have to sell call or put?Chart is hereOh! Where were you?I was waiting for you But finally, I am marriedSo my work will be done hereChart is in front of usI have taken dailyAfter this, we will test 15 minutes in Bank NiftyWe are in Nifty and daily candlestick chart is openIt is above 10 EMA and no candle is touching the line of 10 EMAWe need a bearish candleWe got a bearish candleBut is it triggered on next candle?No, because bearish candle’s high is not cutBut see againIs bearish candle triggered on this candle?Market is in uptrendBearish candle is triggeredHas next candle cut its high?So did you get this entry?You took itYou got entry from hereYou understand risk-reward ratio more than meAs soon as it broke in 10 EMA, I got exit hereBut I got red candle againRight?This is my alert candle

I am getting ready from here that I might get somethingDid I get something on next candle again?I will give you an example of how to do optionsLet’s talk about this tradeWhere will I sell?I will sell put of 17,500And buy put of 17,200-300 and hedge itI will tell you a great remedy to increase your returnsDon’t buy weekly putBuy monthlyIf you want to increase your returns, buy next monthIf you can bear its volatilityYou have to keep stop losses strictIf your 10 EMA is breaking, your stop loss is setBut you will enjoy itAnd do I have to hold it till next month?Don’t I have to hold?As soon as I get target, whether in 3 days, 5 days, 1 day or1 hourWe will book thereBut because I will sell and hedge in next expiryMy risk reward ratio will be amazing

 You can exit on your returnsYou can exit on price actionYou can exit on 10 EMA breakYou have 3 exitsNow let’s take Ghanshyam’sLook, EMA is of power of stocks5 EMA is famous of power of stocksNow Bank Nifty is famous of GhanshyamLet’s mix them and make a strategyDid anyone understand anything else?I understood it very lateAre you getting any alert candle and trigger candle here?Is this red alert candle?Is this red alert candle?This is a 15 minutes chartIs this alert candle?No, it is notIt is touching 10 EMAIt should not be touchedIf it is touching, then it is not an alert candle for usBut what is this alert candle for us?And what is our kind ofMaybe we have got some targetBut what kind of stop loss we have hit?So do we have to take insurance?I can’t do anything, I have to take it sirLet’s go to the old oneIs this your alert candle?It is a very nice alert candleRed candleDid you get entry on the next candle?Did you maintain your risk reward ratio?It is done, right?Now see, how nice your risk reward ratio is sitting hereNifty has come again.

Let’s take Nifty Bank’s exampleLet’s take Nifty Bank’s exampleLet’s take a look at Nifty BankAre you understanding the strategy?We will take a stock example and then close itLet’s take a look at Nifty Bankand then we will take a stock example and close itLet’s see hereHave you found any alert candle here?Has there been a high break on the next candle?Your risk reward ratio is setand as soon as it reaches 10 years, even if the risk reward ratiois not setyou have to take an exit hereand the exit is triggered hereand if you had sold a put of Rs 40,000 at this levelbecause you are getting good support hereand you would have covered Rs 39,500and you would have covered Rs 39,500and you would have made a good profit at this exitIn put selling, when you combine this same strategy with optionsyou would have made an amazing profityou would have enjoyed it

Let’s take some old examplesThis is not an example of bearish tradeIs it going down in 10 years?Have you found a green candle here?Has there been a low break on the next candle?Now keep playing till where you want to playThis is your exit hereUnderstood?Let’s go, tell me a stock, which one should I take?Leave Adani, which technical analysis will I do on it?It will be negative, it’s very simpleShould we take Tata Power once?Are we getting any entry here?No trade is being triggered at this levelBut are we getting any trade triggered here?No trade is being triggered here as wellWe have to go backHas your trade been triggered on this candle?Has your trade been triggered on this candle?Have you found any alert candle here?Have you found a down on the next candle?Let’s see this on a daily time frameIt will be more funIf you see this on a daily time frame in stocks, it will be morefunIf you do intraday in index, you can do it for 15 minutes 

And if you do it in positional or swing typeyou can play it easilyYour work should be done very well in 15 minutesNow let’s see the chartHave you found any trigger here?Have you found any trigger here?Have you found any entry on the next?Have you found any trigger here and found any entry on the next?Has your risk reward ratio gone down?Now this strategy is minethat I told youHave you found any entry here?Now you see, you have found entry hereat 179 and the stock has gone to youat 260179 to 260 and the entry is being given to youSo if any trend following work will be donewill this setup work for you?Will the stop losses be hit?Yes, they will beNow say yesNow your work is to check this strategyto check if it works for youto check if it works for youThank you for watching!