Today’s blog is going to be very useful for you because if you want to start your own business or you want to invest, then today we are going to discuss 10 business ideas in this blog, which according to me never fail. Such businesses will always see you growing, whose demand will never end. So if you want to do your own business, in fact, if you want to invest, then you can invest in such companies that work on these businesses.


You see first of all, it is written here that tobacco, now in India, talk about tobacco, smoking tobacco, means talk about cigarettes, or talk about chewing tobacco, means tobacco of the throat. These are very bad things, we all know, but this industry cannot end now. It has entered India’s base level. You see, at today’s rate, no youth has survived from this. There is a very small population that is not a consumer of tobacco.

If it is coming in an adult, now if there is something that has such a high demand and people will not leave it, then such a business is very promising. I know many such people who are distributors. There are distributors in tobacco, regional distributors, there are distributors at the state level and they do not even touch cigarettes, alcohol, infect, they do not even touch chewing tobacco, but they say that it is our business and they are earning lot of money because they know that people will consume it.

Now they do not do it themselves, but it is their business and you are understanding that this is a very amazing business because people are always going to spend money for its the thing for which people are always going to spend money, no matter what happens, no matter what happens in the country, I do not see this industry moving. Number one.


number two, alcohol, again I do not drink. There are many people who do not drink, but then most of the people, most of the adult population is drinking. At today’s rate, you see songs, there is a culture in i.e. four-bottle vodka is my daily work. How much people are being influenced by this way, the impact of these songs is very much on the new generation of today. They think that this is common. Drinking is very common.

It is very cool. People think it is very cool to take a glass in their hand and roam, but whether it is cool or not, I understand it well or not, people will consume alcohol. These companies that are manufacturing alcohol are earning money. People are giving money to such companies. In fact, you see at a very small level, if someone has a liquor shop, in the local language it is called a liquor shop, then you see whether that person earns money or not. You will say that he earns a lot of money because he earns a lot of money because his demand is very high and his demand will not end.

Whether this thing is wrong, ethically wrong, morally wrong, but it is legal and if something is legal and it is going on, then people will spend money fort and this industry is not impacting. At least it will not happen in the next 50 years, then if something else comes, then we will see because people will not stop getting intoxicated. People used to get intoxicated 50 years before and will do it after 50 years.

So you can consider such companies that are growing because they will earn money. Their shares will also run. See what is your concept? I am talking about such industries that are constantly making money. If companies are making money, their shares also increase. So you can invest in such businesses.

Rental Property Business

Rental property business. See if you have your own property, then you can understand thatyou can give it on rent, whether it is commercial or residential. Now those people who have their own properties, you will see that they are constantly earning money. Now how is the business of a person going on? How is the job going on? The landlord does not care. He needs rent. You must be seeing that many people live on rent.

So in any circumstance, they have to pay rent in the family. So revenue will continue to be generated and this inflation is adjusted because every year after every 11 months, rent keeps increasing and along with inflation, rent keeps increasing. So such businesses that are getting rental income are earning very good money. So according to me, this is also a business that you can consider. Maybe you don’t have a place today that you can give on rent, but today or tomorrow you will earn money and you pay attention to creating your properties.

Land is limited. We will talk about this later, but if you add money and if you purchase a good Landor good property that can earn your rental income, your focus should definitely be on that.


Next paints, how simple things are paint, but you see that buildings are increasing. Now if there is a rental, then after a while its paint will also be spoiled. You have to get the paint done. Now, no matter what kind of infrastructure you have, paint is required. Similarly, the leading companies in India, for example, Asian paint, in 2010, the share of Asian paints was about 200.Today, in 2023, within 13 years, the share is above 2700.

The price of shares has increased by 100 times in the last 13years.Why? Because it is a very basic requirement, but people are not paying attention to this basic requirement. Even today I see that there are many businesses that we are sharing with you, which will not stop in the future, but the question is that you are invested in those businesses or you are just their user. If you are a user, then you will keep giving money and if you are an investor, then you will get money. Which degree do you want to come in? Tell us by commenting. You want to become a user or you want to become an investor.

Finally, I told you about paints, then the leading companies of India on paints, youkan consider them. In fact, look at the paint shop. If there is a good paint shop around you, that person is earning money because it is in demand. So from small to large level, if there is a very good business, then people earn money in it.

Marriage and Event Planning

Next, marriage and event planning is very interesting.

I will give you a small activity heredity is possible that many people have not been married yet or have been married. So my question is how much are you going to spend in your marriage or how much did you spend. You will see, you will be surprised. A common man who is earning monthly, he plans about 20 times for his marriage. If someone is earning 50,000, then he plans that I will get married with 10 lakhs.

So you see he is bringing a phone, he is bringing shoes, he is bringing clothes. All these industries are on one side and at once where he is putting 100 times money, how much money will that industry earn. I have written marriage and event planning, but where does he get married first in marriage.

Nowadays, the trend of 5 stars has increased a lot. People are preferring 5 star properties, especially after Corvid’s what are the companies in India that are running 5-star hotel chains. Are you an investor in it? Think about this, you will have to bring an investor mindset. In fact, if you want to start your own business, then how goodies the business. A person is going to spend a lot of money in his life in marriage and he is going to give it to his wife that I want to get my marriage done very well.

I also want this, I do not want any compromise and a lot of money can be made there. This industry is very promising. At least for the next 20 years, I am seeing because celebrities, Instagram, social media have put it in people’s minds that if there is a wedding, itis like this and people spend money. If they spend money, then you have to use your business mind set there. Where is the money being spent because money will be made there?


Next, next is written here, tire business, so today the diesel car should be closed. A new model of petrol should come or electric cars should come, anything should happen. If the car will run on the road, then the tires are needed.

So you are thinking that the tire can be a very small business, but the tire shops around you, are they making money? Again, let’s talk about business, so you talk about Apollo or talk about MRF or talk about the Metro or talk about the Metro or you will see that these companies are constantly earning money and if you see at least in the long term horizon, then in 10 years you see the share price of MRF, is it increasing?

The answer is yes because the tire is being sold. As long as the tire is sold, the tire of whom will be sold, the tire of whom will be sold, this tire industry is a very big industry. So again this is a business that will not be closed. People need transportation, if they need transportation, they need tires, so you can understand that this is a business that will not fail.


Next education, today, whatever parents do, they have taken money on loan, they will not remove their children from school. They will pay the fees of the school and coaching center. The education industry is so big, that’s why there is an example in front of you of Baijiu and Unacademy, because whether it is online or offline, people spend money for education.

So now a small coaching center is running around you, its owner is also earning money or the owner of a big school, who has thousands of children, is also earning money. So from small to large level, education is such a thing that will not be closed.

Even during the time of Coved, the online education has made big impact because education did not stop. Its mode has changed but it did not stop. So you should definitely consider this education industry.


I mean, I advise people that if you have good money, then the first is school and the seconds hospital. If you create this, then your future generations will be saved because people will not stop coming to hospitals. Diseases are increasing, people’s life is getting worse, diseases are increasing and people spend a lot of money to get their treatment. Again, if you fall sick, God forbid, if you fall sick, which hospital would you like Togo to and get your treatment done? Go to Max hospital.

Mediante, which hospital visit. If you are taking the name of a good branded hospital, then hospital, is it Fortis hospital, is it Apollo hospital, is it you take care that if anyone gets sick at home, then you will take them there and when you take them there, then you will get a bill of lakhs. Whether you pay that or your insurance company pays, that is a different thing, but they will earn money in hospitals.

Are you invested in those hospitals? You can be, you can become the owner of Mediante if you have its shares. You must do your analysis for it, but I am telling you that such businesses that will not fail, so what do you think, hospitals will stop, people will stop coming to hospitals, people will be so healthy by seeing our environment. If not, then consider becoming an investor into a hospital. Today we cannot open our hospital, it takes lot of money, but we can buy it, the money will increase there too.

Think about it, you can take a logical decision and I told you that you do not need anything. You just have to find such good companies; you have to buy their shares.


Finally, pharma companies, so we are seeing from Coved that the shares of pharma companies are running, why are they running, because people have become so dependent on pharma companies and what do you think in the coming time, will pharma companies run or not, the future of pharmaceuticals is very bright and that is why the shares of pharma companies are also running.

In fact, you can see this around you, a lot of medical shops are opening up, the chemistry shop is opening up, it is opening up because people are seeing that there is money in it, there is a margin in it and because there is money and margin, what happens in actual, any medicine has a very low manufacturing cost, a lot of money is spent and companies here, you can understand it as per your convenience, they are selling that medicine at any cost,

so if their manufacturing cost is of 10 rupees, it is their will, they sell it for 100, 200, 500, you have no control and if the doctor has prescribed it, then you have to buy it because you think that this medicine will benefit me, so this industry, I do not think that it is going to be beaten in any way Orit is going to be closed, it will grow and here people will get money from their pockets. What did I say, where people are spending money, then money is made there, if you want to make money.


then finally housing, now people have a big problem that they should have their own house, people are leaving their village and coming to the city, they have to buy their own house in the city, they want a house, but the land is limited, so housing is growing lot?

Now I was reading recently that Indians are spending thousands of crores to buy real estate, why in Dubai, because there is good infrastructure, similarly people are selling their village land and buying land somewhere else, but someone is selling there and someone is buying, you see here that the maximum property in India is in the hands of very limited people, it means that very few people are there who own a lot of land and real estate, most people have big land, but they do not have a house, but very limited people have a lot of land and a lot of real estate.

There is a simple reason for that, their mindset, they do not have this, they do not have this, there is someone who starts, Dhirubhai Ambani also started, the coming generation is definitely getting the benefit of their actions, their hard work. Similarly, today you cannot ignore this industry, again are you an investor into housing, are you thinking of buying a house, in fact there are many real estate companies, for example, DLF, there are many other companies, you can study and you can buy their shares, you can become an investor, this market will grow, you will make money,


so here we have discussed 10 businesses that will never fail, number 1, we start from number10, housing, number 9 was pharma, number 8 was hospitals, number7 was education, number8 was sex, number 6 was tire, number 5 was marriage and event planning, number 4 was paints, number 3 was rental property business, number 2 was alcohol and number 1 was tobacco.